Munkácsi Krisztina MD. Psychiatrist Budapest


My name is Dr. Krisztina Munkacsi and I am confident I can help you with your issue or problem.

I am a trained medical doctor (psychiatrist and psychotherapist),  and have been helping people for over 20 years.

Not everyone who calls me needs my help, some I refer to other specialists who can best help them, and some find out how to help themselves.

You may call me without obligation so we can discuss your situation and decide what is the solution that will best help you.

You are welcome to call my direct line
at 06 20 447 3412 between 8AM and 12PM

You may also email me at

Please do rest assured that your issue or problem has a solution.


Dr. Munkácsi Krisztina MD. Psychiatrist

Phone number:
06 20 447 3412
Office hours:
wednesday and friday
Office address:
1071 Budapest, Damjanich u. 47. fsz. 1.
Appointment every day from 8-12 by phone.

Curriculum Vitae


Having finished high school in Canada I moved back to Europe and attended medical university in Budapest, Hungary. I graduated from Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest in 1988, from which I proceeded to receive a medical doctor degree.

In 1996 I became a specialist in psychiatry and in the same year I also received a certificate for practicing psychotherapy, mainly psychodrama, cognitive and behavior therapy.


Work experience:

I started my medical career in 1992 in HIETE Teaching University Hospital in Budapest as a psychiatric resident. After my first year of residency I went on to work in the largest Hungarian psychiatric hospital OPNI in Budapest. I received my specialty degree in 1996 but proceeded to work at OPNI until 2002. This was an inpatient hospital ward, with overnight calls on a regular basis. From 2002 onwards I have been working in two government financed outpatient clinics three times a week along with my private practice twice a week.

In my private practice I mainly focus on psychotherapy, with a reasonable level of pharmacotherapy. The outpatient clinics in Hungary allows me to treat an array of patients with differing psychiatric illnesses. This is mainly due to the fact that patients are sent to these clinics based upon where they live and not based on the type of illness that they have.

Throughout my career I have always worked in a team with psychologists and other psychiatrist collegues.

For further questions please feel free to call me.

If you need an English speaking psychiatrist in Budapest please call: 06 20 447 3412